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China travel agencies banned from sending Chinese tour groups to South Korea

China governement told major travel agencies to stop selling tours in South Korea in retaliation in Seoul for the installation of the missile defense system THAAD.
China travel agencies banned from sending tour groups to South Korea So far, the ban has not been officially announced and it is not clear to what extent it reaches, but the South Korean Press Agency Yonhap reports that China's National Tourism Administration (CNTA ) Gave travel agencies in Beijing verbal instructions Thursday to "suspend sales of all travel packages, online and offline, in South Korea." The Financial Times provides additional evidence for the ban:
Wang Ki-jeune, director of the South Korean Ministry of Culture, said Friday that Chinese authorities were ordered to Beijing tourism agencies to stop touring in South Korea from mid-March. Mr. Wang said the move is being extended to other provinces. Meanwhile, a seller of online travel company Tuniu Corp told the Financial Times that he had Fri…

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