The cruise market in China

The cruise industry 

The cruise industry has evolved and in recent years has become one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry, with millions of passengers cruising each year. On a global scale, the cruise industry is overwhelmed by North America. In recent years, growth rates have increased in emerging markets for Asia-Pacific cruises. As one of the main elements of the Asian cruise market, China is experiencing rapid growth and terms of cruise ship visits as cruises. However, research is limited to companies on this growth in China.

The history and growth of China's cruise industry

The purpose of this article is to report the current development of the cruising industry in mainland China. First, we give an overview of the cruise industry around the world. Next, we summarize the history and growth of China's cruise industry; the characteristics of Chinese cruise passengers and the bun with others; highlight information on the geographical distribution, berthi…

l'industrie hôteliere en Chine

La montée des Chinois en tant qu'investisseurs dans l'industrie hôtelière

La part du chinois dans le volume global des investissements hôteliers passerait de 1,5 à 7,5% en 2015. La prise de contrôle de Club Med par Fosun n'est, en substance, qu'une illustration de la montée des Chinois en tant qu'investisseurs dans l'industrie hôtelière, que ce soit pour les loisirs ou les voyages d'affaires. Chance du calendrier, 2015 s'annonce également comme l'année révélatrice d'un phénomène annoncé depuis longtemps par certains experts. Selon JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group, l'un des principaux cabinets de conseil en immobilier (JLL Group), la part chinoise de l'investissement hôtelier mondial devrait augmenter de 1,5% à 7,5%! JLL Hotels, qui a publié une partie de ses données pour 2014 et ses prévisions pour 2015, affiche un total de 5,11 milliards de dollars, contre 922,3 millions de dollars l'année dernière.

L'investissement global…

New Zealand attracts Chinese tourists

Chinese spent $ 555 million in New Zealand

New Zealand tourism is changing with the arrival of Chinese travelers. All industries across the country benefited from this new target and contributed to the $ 500 million increase in overall purchasing expenditures last year. China has seen its spending increase by 37% over the last year. According to the quarterly survey of international visitors of the Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment, the Chinese spent $ 555 million in September 2012, placing them for the first time in the United Kingdom (545 millions of dollars). Australian market (spending $ 1.7 billion) [...] Expenses in China During the year ended March 31, 2013, Canadian and foreign tourists spent $ 23.9 billion, $ 541 million, or 2.3% more than the previous year. 

 The tourism bureau launched a vast promotional campaign in China  The Statistics New Zealand report showed that spending by international tourists increased 2.2% ($ 213 million) during the year, followi…

China travel agencies banned from sending Chinese tour groups to South Korea

China governement told major travel agencies to stop selling tours in South Korea in retaliation in Seoul for the installation of the missile defense system THAAD.
China travel agencies banned from sending tour groups to South Korea So far, the ban has not been officially announced and it is not clear to what extent it reaches, but the South Korean Press Agency Yonhap reports that China's National Tourism Administration (CNTA ) Gave travel agencies in Beijing verbal instructions Thursday to "suspend sales of all travel packages, online and offline, in South Korea." The Financial Times provides additional evidence for the ban:
Wang Ki-jeune, director of the South Korean Ministry of Culture, said Friday that Chinese authorities were ordered to Beijing tourism agencies to stop touring in South Korea from mid-March. Mr. Wang said the move is being extended to other provinces. Meanwhile, a seller of online travel company Tuniu Corp told the Financial Times that he had Fri…

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